Hair dream

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Number: 56

Cutting your hair

Number: 95

Short hair

Number: 55

Long hair

Number: 03

Combing your hair

Number: 39

Losing your hair

Number: 41

Hair on fire

Number: 27

Gray hair

Number: 17

White hair

Number: 05

New haircut

Number: 75


Number: 23


Number: 88

Red hair

Number: 90

Bugs in your hair

Number: 61

Blue hair

Number: 57

Hair growing fast

Number: 25

Blonde hair

Number: 21

Curly hair

Number: 72

Hair in your mouth

Number: 75

Hair in your food

Number: 40

Dreaming about hair is associated with search for truth. Hair appearing in dreams symbolize moments when we search for the truth, moments in which we need the truth.

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