Apple dream

apple dream number, red apple dream, green apple dream, rotten apple dream, eating an apple dream


Number: 53

Green apple

Number: 12

Red apple

Number: 48

Rotten apple

Number: 65

Apple tree

Number: 30

Apple core

Number: 66

Apple juice

Number: 46

Eating an apple

Number: 04

Buying an apple

Number: 85

Apple on the groung

Number: 56

Apple with a worm

Number: 86

Ripe apple

Number: 40

Golden apple

Number: 55

Cutting an apple

Number: 90

Finding an apple

Number: 54

Dreaming about apples is associated with happiness. Apple appearing in dreams symbolize moments of happiness, moments of joy.

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Child dream

child dream number, happy child dream, laughing child dream, crying child dream, group of children dream


Number: 84

Child crying

Number: 27

Child unhappy

Number: 81

Child happy

Number: 17

Child laughing

Number: 33

Being a child

Number: 62

Your own child

Number: 42

Someone else’s child

Number: 01

Sick child

Number: 70

Group of children

Number: 32

Child that needs help

Number: 04

Dreaming about children is associated with long life, with health. Children appearing in dreams symbolize a long life, a healthy body.

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