Accident dream

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Number: 64

Accident on a bicycle

Number: 99

Car accident

Number: 46

Truck accident

Number: 12

Bus accident

Number: 73

Falling accident

Number: 23

Boat accident

Number: 41

Aircraft accident

Number: 48

Accident at the construction site

Number: 03

Someone got hurt

Number: 22

Accident at work

Number: 47

Relative being in an accident

Number: 69

Accident at home

Number: 72

Accident at school

Number: 92

Accident on the highway

Number: 40

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Friend dream

friend dream, dead friend dream, calling a friend dream, fighting with a friend dream, losing a friend dream, talking with a friend dream, happy friend dream,

Best friend

Number: 67

Fighting with your friend

Number: 32

Goodbye to friend

Number: 00

Calling a friend

Number: 86

Losing a friend

Number: 78

Familiar friend

Number: 52

Having a friend

Number: 57

Hugging a friend

Number: 83

Talking with a friend

Number: 34

Happy friend

Number: 79

Meeting a friend

Number: 40

Sad friend

Number: 94

Separated from a friend

Number: 87

Strange friend

Number: 25

A friend helping you

Number: 85


Number: 43

Different friend

Number: 93

Dead friend

Number: 74

Giving money to a friend

Number: 31

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