Bird dream

bird dream, bird on a nest dream, group of bird dream, flying bird dream, bird eating dream, dead bird dream, birdcage dream,


Number: 18

Bird on a nest

Number: 93

Group of birds

Number: 16

Flying bird

Number: 56

Dead bird

Number: 04

Bird attack

Number: 35

Baby bird

Number: 57

Bird inside the house

Number: 25

Bird is singing

Number: 63

Bird as a pet

Number: 44


Number: 72

Bird eating

Number: 50

Strange bird

Number: 86

Dreaming about birds is associated with freedom. Bird appearing in dreams symbolize moments when we feel independent, moments when we feel free.

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Hen dream

hen dream, hen laying an egg dream, white hen dream, brown hen dream, black hen dream, hen inside house dream,


Number: 24

Hen laying an egg

Number: 45

Hen attacking you

Number: 27

Big hen

Number: 05

Group of hens

Number: 71

Hen inside the house

Number: 82

Hen in the forest

Number: 62

Brown hen

Number: 18

White hen

Number: 68

Hen as a pet

Number: 01

Black hen

Number: 07

Hen eating

Number: 14

Hen with chicks

Number: 39

Dreaming about hens is associated with prosperity and abundance. Hen appearing in dreams symbolize moments when we have abundance, moments when we enjoy prosperity.

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