Privacy policy

About personal information

This website only displays information, in the form of short articles or entries. For this reason, this website does not collect any kind of personal or private information from the people who visit it. This type of information is not necessary to access the site and make use of the information present in it.

In this website the comments are not allowed. This website does not have subscriptions via email, nor does it have a contact form. There is no way in which you, as a visitor, can enter personal or private information (name, phone number, email address, identification number, or information relating to credit cards) on this website. Your private information is secure.

About browsing information

This website does collect your browsing information. This type of information is not personal, it is not sensitive information, as are personal data or banking information.

The navigation information is technical or statistical information. It’s information about your web browser, about your browsing habits. This information is not personal. If you change your browser (from Chrome to Firefox, for example), this information changes. It is not associated with you as a person. It is not personal information.

In order to acquire this browsing information, this website uses the cookies.

About cookies

In general, a “cookie” is a small text document that is stored on your computer. A website sends you a cookie, and the web browser stores it on your computer. On the next occasion that you visit the website, your browser will return the cookie to the website, containing information related to your browsing.

These cookies were designed to make the interaction, between people and websites, easier and faster, since it provides practical and useful information about the way in which you interact or use a website.

This website uses third-party cookies. Use Google Analytics cookies and use Google Adsense cookies.

Google Analytics Cookies

This website uses a tool called Google Analytics to collect information about the use of the site. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data. They are analysis cookies.

Google Analytics collects information on how people accessed this website, what pages they visited, and the overall interaction with the site.

Check the Terms and Conditions of the Google Analytics service and the Google Privacy Policies for more information.

Google Adsense Cookies

This website uses Google Adsense advertising.

Adsense uses cookies to display advertising, which is based on visits to this website, or other websites visited. They are advertising cookies.

See the Google Adsense Privacy Policies and the Google Privacy Policies for more information

About the elimination of cookies.

You can delete, or block, these cookies stored in your browser. To do this, you must enter the configuration of your browser, search for cookies linked to a specific website, and proceed to eliminate them.

If you have questions about these privacy policies, you can send a message to the email: