Baby dream

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Baby or infant

Number: 95

Newborn baby

Number: 54

Group of babies

Number: 61

Twin babies

Number: 24

Adopted baby

Number: 11

Sleeping baby

Number: 35

Baby in the crib

Number: 70

Crying baby

Number: 41

Baby is sick

Number: 67

Someone’s baby

Number: 16

Happy baby

Number: 86

Baby that needs help

Number: 59

Babies at the hospital

Number: 29

Mother taking care of a baby

Number: 26

Baby laughing

Number: 63

Dirty baby

Number: 47

Dead baby

Number: 50

Baby smiling

Number: 18

Baby in the pool

Number: 92

Baby at the park

Number: 80

Holding a baby

Number: 36

Dreaming about babies is associated with innocence. Baby appearing in dreams symbolize moments of innocence, moments when we are pure.

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