Money dream

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Number: 85

Losing money

Number: 00

Stealing Money

Number: 87

Receiving Money

Number: 03

Saving money

Number: 18

Spending Money

Number: 90

Stranger giving money to you

Number: 22

Borrowing Money

Number: 74

Giving money to a friend

Number: 31

Finding Money

Number: 64

Money flying through the air

Number: 49

Money on the ground

Number: 26

Lots of money

Number: 71

Giving money to the poor

Number: 07

Money in the wallet

Number: 29

Money on the table

Number: 21

Getting paid

Number: 55

Money as a gift

Number: 98

Dreaming about money is associated with long life. Money appearing in dreams symbolize long life, health, wealth.

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