Pastor dream

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Number: 55

Pastor at church

Number: 25

Pastor preaching

Number: 96

Pastor giving a speech

Number: 39

Pastor on TV

Number: 29

Pastor at home

Number: 68

Pastor in jail

Number: 98

Pastor being mean

Number: 17

Pastor helping

Number: 02

Pastor praying

Number: 34

Pastor crying

Number: 46

Pastor leaving

Number: 52

Pastor at the hospital

Number: 66

Pastor being chased

Number: 61

Pastor giving you a blessing

Number: 24

Pastor sleeping

Number: 76

Pastor getting married

Number: 18

Pastor in the forest

Number: 01

Pastor singing

Number: 30

Pastor at a wedding

Number: 10

Pastor at the park

Number: 94

Pastor on vacation

Number: 15

Pastor with his family

Number: 59

Dreaming about pastors is associated with settling debts. Pastor appearing in dreams symbolize moments when we have to pay a debt or fulfill a commitment.

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